Meet the Team: Ricky Crossley

The next time you visit our educational showroom, chances are you will probably run into the newest member of our team, Ricky Crossley. Ricky recently joined AES Solar as our showroom salesman, but he’s no stranger to Southern Illinois, sustainable living, and all that they have to offer.

Originally from Chicago, Ricky first moved to our neck of the woods for college in 2005. Like many local transplants, he was enchanted by the serene lakes, gorgeous forests, and world-class wineries in Southern Illinois, and he says the lack of traffic compared to Chicagoland doesn’t hurt either! Ricky stayed on at SIU for post-graduate work, and attained his Master’s degree in exercise physiology in 2015. In addition to the abundant natural beauty, he loves the small-town, community feel, and the laid-back atmosphere.

Another draw for Ricky, both to Southern Illinois and to working in solar, has been meeting all of the locals who have an interest in clean and renewable energy. He enjoys learning about their enlightening lifestyles, and appreciates how they align with his own values. An avid gardener with an “obnoxiously green” thumb, Ricky enjoys spending time outdoors, swimming, hiking, and playing with his dogs. When he’s not soaking in the sun and scenery, he is also a sucker for scary movies.

Ricky’s favorite things about working at AES Solar are his great co-workers and how much he has already learned. Paying careful attention to how we live and consume is very educational, and one lesson that folks learn quickly around here is how much energy people constantly waste without realizing it. Ricky says, “Always turn off or unplug something that you’re not using. Why waste energy if you’re not making it? So turn out that bathroom light!”

You can meet Ricky and the rest of our team by visiting our educational showroom at 1804 Supply Rd., Carterville, IL, so stop by today!

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