Schools Going Solar


  • Location: Illinois and Missouri Schools
  • Year Complete: 2005
  • Value: $10000
  • Equipment Installed:

    (4) - Module 1.14kW solar awnings

    1 kw of solar on each school mostly as awning mounts

7 Schools

Missouri Schools going Solar was 17 schools that we installed. List here

AES Solar was hired to oversee the hands on training of electricians while they installed actual 1kW working systems on schools.

USDA, ICECF, The Solar Star Foundation, DCEO and ISEA partnered with AES Solar to install (7) 1.14kW solar awnings at schools located in Johnston City, Herrin and Vienna. These solar installations were part of a bigger project to help southern IL electrical contractors gain the necessary hands-on instruction to gain solar certifications necessary to install solar in IL.  AES Solar served as the administrator of the hands-on instruction and, as a result, now students, teachers and the communities at large can have an educational experience with these awnings to learn more about solar in general and also see the impact that the awnings provide to temperatures in the classrooms that are shaded

The four-module 1.14kW solar awnings installed at each of the featured schools were funded by grants awarded by the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation, The Solar Star Foundation, and part of a larger USDA Rural Business Development Grant.

The educational awnings serve to educate students about solar through training provided to their teachers, monitoring of each system that students can view, and opportunities to gain an understanding as to how the awnings also help to curb heat gain on the south-facing windows that they shade and shelter. WindSolarUSA, Inc. developed each of the projects and wrote the larger USDA grant, on behalf of the Illinois Solar Energy Association. The larger grant provided funding for four of the seven projects and served to train (7) electrical contractors in the region on solar installations, supplemented by 8 weeks of classroom/on-line instruction, to help them gain their IL DG Certification, which is required to interconnect systems to the electrical grid. Advanced Energy Solutions of Carterville installed the schools’ systems with the assistance of the electrical contractor students.