We offer 6 lectures on a range of topics. The longer lectures are more hands-on. Topics are listed below.

1. Getting Energized with Renewable Energy

Explains the different kinds of renewable energy products, which are better, and how they all work together. This is a 1-hour lecture.

2. Illinois' 60% Renewable Energy Grant & Rebate Program

Explains in detail how to get the state to pay for up to 60% of solar electric systems & up to 50% of solar hot water system. This is a 1-hour lecture.

3. Solar Under 2000 (Keep It Simple Solar)

Solar attic fan kit, small portable power system, & energize a room in your house with renewable energy. This is a 1 hour lecture.

4. Homemade Money

Saving money and energy through energy efficiency & energy conservancy. This is a 1-hour lecture.

5. Repowering the Midwest

A PowerPoint presentation explaining a report on how we can create more jobs and healthier Midwest through renewable energy. Put out by the Environmental Law and Policy Center of the Midwest, this report is available online at This is a 1-hour lecture.

6. Hands-On Demonstrations of Working Photovoltaic (Solar Electric) & Passive Systems

This is a 1-hour lecture.

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