Meet the Team: Kris Schachel

If you’ve ever done any business with AES Solar, or even stopped by, chances are you have met Kris Schachel. Kris is our Office Manager, but that title doesn’t even begin to cover everything she does to keep the place running. If she seems tireless, it’s because the people and the mission keep her going.

Originally from Rock Island, IL, Kris first visited Southern Illinois on a spring retreat to Camp Ondessonk while she was in college. Like many of Little Egypt’s visitors, Kris fell in love with the region, and upon returning home she decided to transfer to SIU. 20 years later, she is still happy to be a part of the Carbondale and greater Southern Illinois community.

At work, Kris is driven by the awesome potential of solar power to make the world a healthier, safer place, and she loves that she gets to do something tangible every day to combat climate change. She enjoys working with the great people on the AES Solar team, and the challenge of keeping up with our rapidly growing industry. With Illinois in the middle of a solar boom, there are always new lessons to learn.

When she’s not holding down the fort as the hub of our business, Kris enjoys gardening, reading, and playing with her furbabies. If you are a fan of the local roller derby scene, you might recognize Kris from her tenure on the Southern Illinois Roller Girls, where she skated from 2011-2014 as “Eartha K!ck.” She continues to support the team by announcing for their bouts.

Kris would love to meet you! Stop by our educational showroom today and tell her hello!

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