Meet the Team: Acaisha Buffo

Every team needs a great artist to bring their advertising visions to life and to catch people’s eyes with impactful designs. We are lucky to have one of the best around, our freelance Graphic Designer Acaisha Buffo.

Acaisha was born and raised in Itasca, a tiny burg in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, and she has been creating art ever since her tiny fist could hold a crayon. When it came time to go to college, Acaisha knew she wanted to pursue an artistic career, but that was about it. At the prodding of several family members who were SIUC alums, she decided to head to Carbondale, where she lived and studied from 2008 to 2012.

Acaisha has since moved to St. Charles, MO, where she works for us remotely, but says there are times when she misses Carbondale. She loves the rolling hills, beautiful state parks, and clean air of our vast region, and says she never realized how noisy Chicagoland was, or how dim the stars had always been, until she moved to Southern Illinois.

As a freelance artist and Graphic Designer, Acaisha takes on projects of all kinds, but she likes working for AES in particular because everyone is so kind and friendly, has great ideas, and because she can tell we really love what we do. She enjoys the challenge of stretching her skills to raise interest in our cause, and the opportunity to use her art to help make the world a better place.

Even when she isn’t on the job, Acaisha loves drawing and painting in her free time. She is never without her trusty sketchbook, and also enjoys painting landscapes and miniatures. When she’s not doodling or painting she is an avid gamer, and particularly loves D&D, Pokemon Go, and Minecraft.

Do you have a graphic design project or other artistic need? Check out Acaisha’s portfolio for samples of her work and a list of her very competitive prices. She does everything from lifelike sketches to full-color ad and character work.

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