Grateful to Get Energized

It’s the time of year when we are all called upon to count our blessings and remember what we are thankful for, and we have plenty that fits the bill. We are grateful to be in an industry that is actively working to save the planet. We are grateful to be located in such a beautiful area and surrounded by a terrific community. But most of all, we are grateful for our customers, for giving us a reason to get up every morning and get people energized.

We love to hear what our customers are grateful for too, and one of the most common answers is all the money that they are saving on utility bills with their solar power systems. Jacquie Betz reported to us that, “Our first full month’s use shows a 23% savings on our electric power… …Yay us!!!” Jon Dobbins says, “It’s been a full year since I had solar power installed. My TOTAL energy bill for the last year was $339.32 or just under 93 cents per day on average. Before solar, my annual energy bill was.$1182.51 or about $3.24 per day on average.” That’s 71% savings! You can continue reading these and other testimonials here.

While those numbers may seem high, they track with the national average. The average home in the US can save between $10k and $30k in electricity costs over 20 years. These numbers vary quite a bit state-to-state, and depend on local energy costs, site shade, latitude, and the size of your proposed solar array. You can see what your own potential savings can be with Google’s new Solar Savings Estimator.

Of course saving money is the most obvious benefit of a solar installation, but there are other aspects to be grateful for as well. AES Solar customer Richard Holland loves how the reliability of his installation means the lights stay on in inclement weather: “About 6 weeks ago there was a major power outage in our area. The grid power was down for about 16 hours around us, other people were without power for more than 2 days. During this time Ruth and I enjoyed watching TV in our air conditioned home. We were the envy of everyone around us. Thank you very much for making that possible.”

We like to call this “Personal Energy Independence,” and it can mean an extra layer of security and stability that you just can’t get from relying on the grid alone. While it’s not a concern that comes up every single day, you will be grateful when it does, and you find that your energy needs are still taken care of. This is especially true for business owners, who can lose serious money when their power goes out for any amount of time.

The great thing about solar power is that it gives you something to be grateful for all throughout the year, not just on Thanksgiving. Whether it means keeping the A/C running for cheap in the summer, or never worrying about downed power lines in the winter, it’s always a blessing to Get Energized!

Have you gotten energized yet? If not, be sure to give us a call at (618) 988-0888, visit our Educational Showroom, or check out our site for a free quote today!

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