About 6 weeks ago there was a major power outage in our area. The grid power was down for about 16 hours around us, other people were without power for more than 2 days. During this time Ruth and I enjoyed watching TV in our air conditioned home. We were the envy of everyone around us. Thank you very much for making that possible.

— Richard Holland

Aur and his crew hooked me up with solar a few years back. A number of people have stopped by over the years to ask me how solar works or how much it saves me. I hope I’ve convinced a few over the years to go solar and to perhaps to even use Aur’s service in the process. It’s definitely a worthwhile endeavor!

— Lisa Thomas

Amazing people and also provide amazing service to there clients.

–Tony Stearns

Love my solar, making more electricity than I can use – Great Crew, knowledgable, efficient on my installation.

— Marylynn Lasure Perschbacher

AES totally rocks and rolls in all things solar! I highly recommend their services!

— David Lawler

Aside from the positive feeling I have about adding to the use of sustainable electric power, here’s kudos to the positive, and enthusiastic crew who came and installed the system. We’d been thinking about solar for some time but hadn’t acted on it yet. Now that we have a modest array, I’ve been answering questions from folks who notice it and want to know more. Our mail carrier offers positive comments every time I see her delivering mail. Our first full month’s use shows a 23% savings on our electric power. We’ve cut our use of the coal/oil-generated energy, and we’ve done something to protect our environment. Yay us!!

— Jacquie Betz

My first ever solar energy report! It’s been a full year since I had solar power installed. My TOTAL energy bill for the last year was $339.32 or just under 93 cents per day on average. Before solar, my annual energy bill was.$1182.51 or about $3.24 per day on average. The last month I bought power from Ameren was March. I also lowered my thermostat four degrees this summer for cooling season. As Aur says, “Get energized!”

— John K. Dobbins