Here we have actually built a small roof structure and have mounted a solar panel to it. This is a great visual for learning as it allows customers to see how the panels are mounted to their roof. There are many options for how to mount panels and they depend on the roof structure and the type of roofing a building has.
Inverter and Data Monitoring Wall - The blue and vinyl (gray) siding displays are both grid tied and utilize Net Metering (no battery bank required). The plywood display is a bi-model system that does both net metering and provides a battery back-up. The TV on the wall is used to monitor our data - how much energy we are currently producing here at AES headquarters and if we are buying or selling to/from the grid.
We have a good selection of educational literature not only covering solar; but also how to live greener, and more renewable. There are books for both children and adults. All books are currently 20% off. The merchandise wall has an assortment of Solar products, from solar lanterns to solar phone chargers.
These three panels pictured here are examples of our flat roof mounts
This table has different literature about solar; magazines, solar buyer's guide, information on battery back-up systems, local partners, etc... This table is in our Solatube room where we have a display of how a solatube works. There is also a solar-oven pictured here in the back corner - we have cook-books for sale that go hand-in-hand with the solar oven.