About AES Solar

Who's AES?

Advanced Energy Solutions Group, Inc. (AES Solar) of Southern Illinois, located in Carterville, IL is a design/build electrical contractor specializing since 1999 in the design and installation of solar electric systems (We specialize in battery backup power and off grid systems) across the Midwest.

AES Solar's Mission Statement

Our mission at Advanced Energy Solution Group, Inc. is to power a sustainable economy by bringing renewable energy to America’s neighborhoods.

Therefore, we sell, design, install, and educate about renewable energy systems in order to save you money by producing your own electricity with solar power, daylight and energy efficiency.

Our company understands the importance of educating the general public about energy efficiency. Thus, Advanced Energy Solutions Group, Inc. not only presents a variety of sustainability lectures, but, in addition, offers free hands-on training for current or future solar installers within the Green Geek Squad installer network.

To accomplish our mission, the AES staff team continues its ongoing community outreach through a weekly radio show, newspaper columns, trade articles, the AES newsletter and blog, the presentation at renewable energy and earth day fairs, as well as through the participation at annual solar tours, and various other community events.

For years, Advanced Energy Solutions Group, Inc. has kept its commitment to lead by example for the conservation of natural resources.

Why do business with AES?

10 reasons why you should do business with us:
1. We sell AND design AND install a variety of renewable energy systems. We are a Design/Build contractor.
2. We offer reasonable prices with exceptional customer service.
3. We have been installing solar since 1999 while we have been living with renewable energy for over 25 years including 19 years off grid.
4. Our systems come with a 25-year warranty power warranty (PV modules)
5. We will make sure your system is properly designed for power production for life.
6. We can install data monitoring for superior system maintenance.
7. We assure professional installation that meets the National Electric Code (NEC).
8. We offer energy usage consultations including money saving energy surveys.
9. We are a sustainable business approved by Green America.
10. Solar is more efficient today than it has ever been.

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Meet Our Team

Aur Beck with AES Solar
Aur Beck
Founder & Chief Tech
Emily Palm-Stikkers
Technical Sales Advisor
Neil Martin
Commercial Sales
Jason Shoot
Chief Operating Officer
Shariff Shakir
Commercial Accounts
Brandon Martin
Commercial Sales
Seth Rose
Project Manager
Matt Barton
Residential Accounts

Our Partners and Memberships

History of Advanced Energy Solutions

Company established!
In 1999 the company was founded with the name Advanced Energy Solutions Group, Inc. by Aur Beck, who is the CEO & president. AES' goal is to provide renewable energy solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial customers.
Helped Found Illinois Renewable Energy Association
The company’s ongoing community outreach at a variety of Sustainable Energy Fairs has helped to spread the word about the availability of green technologies in the Midwest, and in 2002 Aur Beck assisted in the creation of the Illinois Renewable Energy Association where he holds board membership to this date.
AES Solar Advances it's Educational Mission
After a successful immersion into the Midwestern solar market, AES Solar focused its educational mission by presenting the first renewable energy workshops and seminars in the region.
Missouri Schools Going Solar
AES won both “Missouri Schools Going Solar” bids for the sale and installation of photovoltaic solar (PV) systems at seventeen K-12 schools across Missouri. This big scale project was a huge success and lead to the creation of The Green Geek Squad™ installer network to further expand the scope of AES Solar throughout the Midwest region.
Certified as Climate Project Presenters
Aur became the President of Southern Sustainability in 2007 and was certified as one of Al Gore’s Climate Project presenters.
10 Year Anniversary
AES celebrated its 10th business anniversary by hosting the first Shawnee Energy Festival. For its 10th business anniversary, the company developed an off-the-grid solar trailer that allowed AES Solar to bring education about the feasibility of renewable energy solutions to all across the Midwest.
John A. Logan partnership
AES Solar partnered with the John A. Logan community college in Carterville, IL and the Green Institute at the Heartland Community College in Normal, IL to prepare future energy scholars for the NABCEP PV Entry Level test by offering two accelerated Solar Design & Installation courses.
Started the Green Geek Squad
Started the Green Geek Squad, an installer network, which topped out at 43 partners in 8 states AES Solar installed for/with. They sold it and AES Solar installed it with our Green Geek Squad Rapid Response Team.
Joined the Midwest Solar Training Network
2010 Aur Beck was picked to join the Midwest Solar Training Network ( a 5 year DOE (Department of Energy) program) to share his expertise.
NABCEP certified
Our Chief Tech Aur Beck becomes NABCEP ( www.NABCEP.org ) certified as a PV Installation Professional
NABCEP certified
2012 Our Chief Tech Aur Beck becomes NABCEP ( www.NABCEP.org ) certified as a PV Technical Sales Professional
Solar for the Cayman Islands
In 2014 Aur Beck got to work for 6 months in the Cayman Islands helping start a solar industry.
Solar in Southern Illinois
2015 AES Solar notices local (Southern IL/Heartland) business is picking up so starts focusing not just on design/installation but also on sales. Solar has come home!
AES Solar on the WDBX roof
Summer of 2016 AES Solar facilitated an installation class through John A Logan and donations to put in a solar system on WDBX Community Radio station http://wdbx.org/solar
New Headquarters
AES Solar moves HQ to Carterville, IL
Solar Installs Across Southern Illinois Schools
In 2016 (with an April 18 2017 ribbon cutting) WindSolarUSA, Inc, the USDA, ICECF, The Solar Star Foundation, DCEO and ISEA partnered with AES Solar to install (7) 1.14kW solar awnings at schools located in Johnston City, Herrin and Vienna. These solar installations were part of a bigger project to help southern IL electrical contractors gain the necessary hands-on instruction to gain solar certifications necessary to install solar in IL. AES Solar served as the administrator of the hands-on instruction and, as a result, now students, teachers and the communities at large can have an educational experience with these awnings to learn more about solar in general and also see the impact that the awnings provide to temperatures in the classrooms that are shaded.
Grand opening
2017 March 20. Grand opening of educational working system showroom. Ribbon cutting/Grand Opening was highly attended with as many as 200 people.
18 Years of Installing Solar
2017 June 4 celebrates 18 years of installing solar
Joined IBEW
March 2018 AES Solar becomes a Union Electrical Contractor by joining the IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers)
Educational Showroom Open One Year
March 20 2018 First day of spring celebration of a year of our educational showroom being open
19 Years of Installing Solar
June 4 celebrates 19 years of installing solar
Williamson County Habitat for Humanity home
June 2018 Donated and installed a solar power system at a Williamson County Habitat for Humanity home as part of John A. Logan training course
10 years of solar training
May 2019 is 10 years of solar training classes at John A Logan College
ONE MILLION watts of Solar!
May 2019 We have officially installed over ONE MILLION watts of Solar!
Williamson County Habitat for Humanity home
May, 2019, AES Solar held a hands-on training class in Marion where we helped donate and install solar on a Habitat for Humanity home with Grid Alternatives, Elevate Energy and LSSI. This class was a part of the Future Energy Jobs act.
Jackson Union County Habitat for Humanity home
May 2019 Donated and installed a solar power system at a Jackson Union County Habitat for Humanity home in Carbondale as part of John A. Logan college training course.
20 Years of Insalling Solar
June 4 celebrates 20 years of installing solar